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Mold Prevention During The Winter

Mold Prevention During The Winter

mold sporesWe often associate mold growth with heat and humidity, but just think of your refrigerator! Mold can grow in the cold too, and the wet winter months provide a seriously good environment in which mold can thrive. The problem with mold is that not only does it grow, but it also reproduces. Nobody wants mold to grow in their home because it can be damaging to your health and eat away at the structural integrity of your house. Winter brings snow, ice, and rain which can leak into your basement or foundation, creating a damp atmosphere in which mold can easily take root. With the winter of 2017 expected to bring a large amount of wet weather to Alexandria, remember that Property Solutions is your Alexandria mold remediation expert. Wetness combines with the often temperate climates that we keep in our living spaces to further improve conditions for mold growth. Below are a number of ways that you can stop mold from growing and polluting your holiday season!

  1. Keep clean! Regularly cleaning your home can prevent mold buildup by keeping carpets and floors clear of dampness and clutter. Using cleaning products can also kill mold where it’s beginning to grow.
  2. Watch out for wetness in your basement. Inspect your lower level to ensure that water isn’t seeping through cracks in your foundation or through mortar. Wet basements are one of the most common environments in which mold can grow.
  3. Keep an eye out for condensation. Mold loves dampness! If you see condensation building up on windows or walls, try to find out where it’s coming from. Seals on windows and doors are important for keeping moisture out.
  4. Keep your indoor humidity level under 40%. Many families rely on humidifiers in the winter months, just make sure it’s not creating a safe space for mold!
  5. Love your exhaust fans. Make sure to use exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen when you’re creating moisture (showering, boiling water). These fans can really help to rid risk areas of unwanted condensation.
  6. Give a dehumidifier a try. Basements are a serious trouble spot, and a dehumidifier may be a good option to give you peace of mind. Controlling the humidity level downstairs will make it very hard for mold to grow.

If you’re having trouble with mold or water damage to your Alexandria, VA home this season, make sure to contact us. Property Solutions is a leading mold remediation company serving Alexandria, VA and the surrounding area.


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