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Winter is Coming: The Dangers of Frozen Pipes

Winter is Coming: The Dangers of Frozen Pipes

frozen icicles When the winter time comes and the temperature drops, there are several maintenance issues that can arise in your home. Frozen water pipes are one of the major concerns homeowners must look for when it starts to get cold.

Frozen pipes can be problematic for several reasons. Not only can they be a nuisance, but they can also cause major damage to your property. The most apparent danger is a lack of running water. This can stop you from doing daily tasks like washing dishes, taking a shower, or using the restroom. Though the inconveniences of no running water can be difficult, the possibility for frozen pipes to burst is the most serious concern. The pressure created between the expanding water and the closed faucet can cause pipes to burst if not acted upon quickly, causing extensive damage to your property.

There are a few types of pipes that are vulnerable to freezing. Pipes along exterior walls of your home are especially vulnerable because they are exposed to cold temperatures and rarely have the insulation necessary to prevent pipe freezing. Pipes in your attic and basement are also vulnerable because they might not receive the same amount of heat as pipes in regularly used living spaces. If your attic and basement are not used often, there may also be a lack of sufficient insulation to prevent freezing in those pipes.

There are a few signs you can use to tell if you need to start taking precautions to prevent frozen pipes or are experiencing frozen pipes on your property:

  1. The temperature has dropped to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below.
  2. For pipes you can see, you may be able to tell that frost has begun to collect on the exterior of the pipe. This can serve as a warning sign that the pipe is frozen before you even turn on the faucet.
  3. If there is a lack of or a significant decrease in running water through a faucet, there is a good chance that the pipe is frozen.

The best way to fix a pipe once you are aware it is frozen is to act quickly. Here at Property Solutions we offer 24/7 local response and have the team and experience necessary to make a potential major issue in your home a simple fix. Call us today at (571) 526-0075 to learn more!


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