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Water Damage Restoration in Fort Washington MD: The Dangers of Clogged Gutters

Water Damage Restoration in Fort Washington MD: The Dangers of Clogged Gutters

overflowing guttersWhen was the last time you cleaned out your gutters? If you can’t remember, you’re probably overdue to grab a ladder and pay them a visit. Although cleaning out gutters is a groan-inducing chore that many homeowners put off as long as possible, doing it on a routine basis is the best way to prevent an overflowing gutter disaster. It’s good practice to inspect and clear out your gutters anywhere between 2 to 4 times a year, depending on how many trees are in your yard, the local weather, and the age of your gutters.

While summertime is the favorite season of many in Fort Washington MD for its warm sunny days, the season can also bring its fair share of wet weather to the region: rain showers, thunderstorms, and even hurricanes. Your gutters, of course, work by diverting incoming water to the downspouts, which then send the water down to your yard and safely away from your home. Water cannot flow as easily through gutters that are filled with too many leaves and other debris, and this water needs to go somewhere.

Usually, excess water in gutters spills over the side of the roof and lands too close to the house’s foundation. If the foundation has any cracks or weak spots, the water is sure to get in and cause water damage. Too much water pooling near or passing through your foundation can cause serious structural problems and create a mess in your basement.

The excess water from clogged gutters can also rot any wood on your home’s exterior near the gutters. Fascia is often made of wood, and too much moisture can cause it to deteriorate. Wood siding can rot if clogged gutters constantly send water down the sides of the home. Your home’s siding keeps the elements outside and contributes to your house’s exterior appearance. Rotting wood siding can compromise your house’s structural integrity, your family’s comfort, and your home’s curb appeal.

With all the potential for heavy rain in Fort Washington MD this summer, having clogged gutters can lead to water leaking into your home and causing serious water damage. No, pulling out your ladder, climbing up to the roof, and cleaning muck from your gutters under the hot sun doesn’t sound like the ideal summer afternoon, but taking the time to do it now can spare you the stress of dealing with water damage later on.

When Damage Has Been Done

If clogged gutters have gotten the better of you and caused water damage in your Fort Washington home, contact Property Solutions as soon as possible! We provide a wide range of water damage restoration services in Fort Washington and the surrounding areas. We understand that dealing with water damage can be a nightmare, which is why we are dedicated to helping restore your home to its former state as quickly as possible.

Take action to remove the water damage in your Fort Washington MD home as soon as possible! Contact us at (571) 526-0075 today!


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