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Water Damage Repair in Alexandria, VA

Water Damage Repair in Alexandria, VA

Recent flooding in Texas has claimed 30 lives, cost millions in damage (if not billions), and has caused tremendous hardship to hundreds of thousands of families. Despite the risks of flooding in the Houston area, 80% of affected families don’t have flood insurance. The kind of flooding currently happening in Texas isn’t likely to occur in Virginia, but that doesn’t mean that basement flooding is an uncommon occurrence in our area. Not only do homeowners frequently experience water damage in their homes, but much of it is also preventable. In fact, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management recommends that both homeowners and renters purchase flood coverage. Homeowners are also encouraged to take a look at their property to see if water damage is preventable. Here are a few simple steps to take:

  1. Keep Gutters & Downspouts Clean: Make sure to regularly remove debris from these critical drainage points. It’s important to get water at least three feet away from the home. If your gutters are dripping down the exterior of your home, you will want to consider running a trough out further from your property.
  2. Check for Foundation Cracking: Have a look at the inside and outside of your basement walls and floors. If you notice cracks, you may want to call a waterproofing company to diagnose future issues and resolve them before flooding occurs.
  3. Inspect Sump Pump Well: Any homes containing below-grade sump pumps are vulnerable to clogs that could result in flooding. Check the well to make sure it’s debris-free, and make sure that your pump is connected to an alternative power source in case of a power outage during a storm.
  4. Window Well Covers: If you have below-grade window wells, definitely have a look at covering them up with window well covers. Poor drainage (or no drainage) can result in standing water that seeps in through poorly sealed windows.

If you do experience water damage to your Alexandria, VA home, make sure to contact a local restoration professional with plenty of experience. Water damage repair in Alexandria requires local knowledge, experience working with insurance providers, and water damage repair knowledge. Simply restoring a home often isn’t enough- anticipating mold damage, structural concerns, and effectively caring for an HVAC system are all important subjects to consider when undertaking this kind of project. At Property Solutions, we’ve been in the business for years. We have the resources to complete projects within budgets and on time, and we have countless hours of dealing with insurance claims under our belts. Make sure to contact us today for any water damage repair needs in Alexandria, VA.


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