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Don't Let a House Fire Ruin the Holidays

Don't Let a House Fire Ruin the Holidays

house roof on fireThe holidays have finally arrived, and many homeowners in Northern Virginia are preparing their homes to host a variety of holiday gatherings and parties. Although these seasonal activities are a lot of fun, there is a lurking danger you should be aware of the fire.

Holiday decorations often involve candles or open flames, and the increased foot traffic and bustling in your home puts you at a higher risk of fire. As Northern Virginia fire restoration experts, we know how scary a fire can be, both during the fire and in the aftermath of cleaning up. You should take as many precautions as possible to avoid a fire disaster during the holidays. Below are a few ways you can make sure your holiday party stays fire-free:

Never Leave Flames Unattended

Whether you are burning candles or your fireplace during the holidays, make sure an adult is always near the flame in case it gets out of hand. A popular reason that many home fires begin is that people forget about the flame until damage has already been done. Reading a book by candlelight or curling up next to a fireplace with a book are great activities for the holiday season, but these flames should never be left alone. Remember to blow out any candles or extinguish your fireplace if you leave the room.

Be Careful While Cooking

Cooking during the holidays can be a bit hectic, especially if you have large meals to prepare and several dishes cooking all at once. This creates a higher risk of a kitchen fire. To avoid having your holiday party end in disaster, use caution as you cook. Just like a candle, never leave your oven or stove unattended. Obey all cooking directions and avoid using cooking temperatures that are higher than necessary. Keep any flammable items like loose clothing away from the open flame in the kitchen. Ensure young children and animals stay out of the kitchen, or if your children are helping to cook, keep an eye on them and ensure they do not get too close to the oven.

Teach Your Children Fire Safety

To fully ensure your entire family’s safety, make sure you instill fire safety practices in your children. Teach them to be safe with flames and make sure they understand how to safely get out of the house in the event of an emergency. Having your children know fire safety will help reduce your home’s risk of a fire disaster during the holidays.

Property Solutions Has You Covered!

A house fire is a disaster no homeowner should face, especially during the holidays. If you do suffer this tragedy, make sure you know who to call to clean up the mess. Property Solutions offers fire damage restoration in Northern Virginia, in addition to smoke damage restoration and water damage restoration. We understand that a house fire is a scary experience, and we are here to bring your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Contact us at (571) 526-0075 to learn more about our fire damage restoration in Northern Virginia.


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