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Winter Water Damage Risks

Winter Water Damage Risks

frozen guttersWith winter weather expected to be unusually tough in 2017, it’s important to prepare in order to avoid water damage to your Alexandria home. As Alexandria, VA water damage repair experts, we love to help homeowners recover and rebuild- but we also want to help you avoid disaster. There are a number of precautions that you can take in order to protect your home, which is likely your most valuable asset. Should disaster strike, know that our water damage repair professionals will work hand in hand with insurance companies as well as your family in order to ensure that repairs fully restore your living space.

  1. Watch out for frozen pipes. Winter rain is unpleasant enough outside the home- you definitely don’t want it happening inside the home. If your home has outside pipes that are exposed to the elements, make sure to cover them up with some kind of insulation. Pool noodles, foam, and all kinds of other protective materials can be repurposed for this use. You’re also going to want to pay attention to your insulation! If you have a poorly insulated room, lower level, crawl space, or garage, you may want to consider investing in improving the efficiency of your home.
  2. If you haven’t already, turn off your outdoor water! If you’re reading this and your outdoor water is still turned off, make sure to turn it off right now. While doing so, leave a tap on in order to ensure balanced pressure in your pipes. After turning off your outdoor water, unhook all of your outdoor hoses.
  3. Watch that thermostat. You should always keep your home warmer than 63 degrees because elements inside your walls are much colder than the internal temperature of your home. Even when you’re absent, make sure to abide by this rule.
  4. Get those gutters cleaned. Although burst pipes cause the majority of winter water damage in the home, remember that external elements can lead to leakage as well. If clogged gutters start to overflow, the water can pool and seep into foundations and basements. Make sure to clear the path so that snow can melt and flow naturally through the gutters the way it’s supposed to.
  5. Attic insulation is key. Insulation doesn’t only protect your home from the outside, it keeps warmth in. If your attic is too warm, snow on your roof can melt, re-freeze overnight, melt and re-freeze. This creates unnecessary ice weight on your roof which can create leaks and even a roof collapse!

Make sure to take the precautionary steps outlined above! Standing water, floods, and leakage in your home can lead to mold (at a minimum). If your Alexandria home suffers water damage this season, contact Property Solutions: your Alexandria VA water damage restoration experts. We work to ensure that you’re informed and relaxed through the entire restoration process, and can even help you with insurance claims. Contact us online or by phone, 24/7!


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