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Why You Shouldn't Ignore Smoke Damage in Your Chevy Chase MD Home

Why You Shouldn't Ignore Smoke Damage in Your Chevy Chase MD Home

building on fireRecently, you endured an experience no homeowner wants to go through: you had a house fire. Luckily, you and your family had an excellent evacuation plan, no one was hurt, and the house is still intact. You survived this incredibly dangerous and stressful experience, but it’s not totally over yet. Aside from regaining your sense of security and safety and dealing with your insurance company, your Chevy Chase, MD home now has some smoke damage.

What does smoke damage typically look like? Of course, a big black or grey scorch mark on your home’s surfaces is the most obvious red flag, but smoke damage can sometimes be more subtle. After a fire, your walls and furniture might appear stained. These stains might not show up immediately after a fire, so you might not notice them for the first few days after a fire. Your metal surfaces might also start to rust. Finally, your home might still smell like smoke, which is not a pleasant odor.

Since your family was unharmed and there were not any serious damages, you might think a little residual smoke damage is no big deal to live with. Why fork out even more money to fix a minor problem?

However, the smallest traces of smoke damage can have negative effects, which means you’re rolling the dice with you and your family’s safety if you choose to ignore it. Here are some reasons why you must contact a professional to get rid of smoke damage right away:

Smoke Damage Can Compromise Your Health

Since fire’s gone and there’s no longer a thick cloud of smoke moving through your home, you might believe that your home’s air has been restored to its normal quality. However, after a fire, soot settles into your home’s furniture and surfaces and gets stirred back up into the air as you go about your daily life.

This makes your home’s air toxic and unsafe to breathe. Soot- or smoke-filled air can contain toxins like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, chloride, or more depending on what surfaces of your home burned during the fire. Prolonged exposure to these toxins can lead to respiratory problems or even cancer like mesothelioma.

Smoke Damage is Harder to Remove if Ignored

Residual soot and smoke settles deep into furniture, household goods, and surfaces and isn’t very easy to get rid of. The longer you let the soot or smoke sit, the further it sinks into your furniture and surfaces, even if you make attempts to get rid of it on your own. Making a quick pass over your carpet and furniture with a regular vacuum to get any soot can actually make the smoke or soot sink even deeper into the fabric. Once soot has fully settled, it’s very difficult to remove, which means a higher restoration cost and increased risk to your health.

Smoke Damage is Unsightly

Finally, if the hazard to your health and your wallet are not enough to convince you to contact smoke damage restoration experts, then perhaps smoke damage’s ugly appearance is. Whether your smoke damage is a large burn mark on your armchair or a yellow stain on your wall, smoke damage takes away from your Chevy Chase, MD home’s beauty. Smoke damage isn’t something you, your family, or guests want to look at, and you should have the smoke damage removed right away to get your home back to normal.

What Do You Do?

The only surefire way to get rid of smoke damage and restore your home is to contact a professional smoke damage restoration company in Chevy Chase, MD! Property Solutions, with our team of smoke damage experts, will assess your damage and work to remove it as soon as possible. We are licensed in Virginia, D.C., and Maryland and are proud to offer unparalleled customer service and quality work.

Smoke damage is an issue that must be taken care of as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us today at (571) 526-0075to talk to our smoke damage experts!


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