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3 Causes of Summer Fires in Fort Washington, MD

3 Causes of Summer Fires in Fort Washington, MD

house roof on fireSummer is the favorite season for many in the Fort Washington, MD area. After months of cold weather, we get to enjoy spending time outside. Summer, however, also has its downsides. Although wet weather like thunderstorms and hurricanes is a big fear of many homeowners this season, summer presents another danger: fire.

Fire is a devastating disaster for anyone. Fire damage restoration can cost thousands of dollars, but that’s nothing compared to the loss of personal objects and the emotional toll a fire takes. Unfortunately, there is good potential for residential fires to start during summer time. Here are three of the most common causes of summer residential fires and how you can prevent them:

Grill Fires

There’s nothing quite like gathering your friends and neighbors for a weekend barbecue. You get to show off your brand new grill while cooking up some delicious food. However, using too much lighter fluid or not watching your grill carefully can lead to disaster. If your grill is on your wooden porch, the flames can quickly get out of control, eat up the wood of your porch, and could even start burning the house.

The best way to prevent a grill fire is to always be attentive while grilling. Always check to make sure your grill is functioning properly before cooking to avoid mishaps. If something is wrong with your grill, have it repaired or replaced before your next cookout. Use the appropriate amount of lighter fluid to keep the flame under control, and never leave your grill unattended. Have a fire extinguisher nearby in the event that a fire starts.


Independence Day is only a month away, and unfortunately, local fire departments are sure to see an increase in residential fires as the holiday gets closer. If you plan to host a stunning fireworks show at home, make sure you understand your increased risk of a home fire. If you aren’t a trained fireworks professional, a simple careless mistake can lead to a fire.

Make sure you choose an adequate space in your yard for your fireworks show. You can never be too careful with giving yourself plenty of room for your fireworks display. Keep the fireworks away from trees and plants, and of course, make sure your fireworks site is as far away from your house as possible. Remember that not all fireworks behave the same way, so it’s crucial that you read the instructions on each of your fireworks and prepare accordingly. Make sure your space can accommodate all the different types of fireworks you plan to use. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in the event of an emergency, and make sure you and your audience knows what to do if a fire starts.

Smoking Fires

It might be hard to imagine that a small cigarette can make your living room go up in flames but fires due to smoking are all too common. A person smoking a cigarette or cigar might fall asleep with it in their hand, where it can fall and catch the furniture, floor, or themselves on fire. Someone might toss still-hot ashes into a trashcan where they can ignite flammable materials like paper. Or, someone might lit a cigarette or cigar and get distracted, leaving it to burn unattended where it can start a fire.

Just like grill fires, the best way to prevent a smoking fire is to pay attention. If you smoke, never leave your cigarette unattended. Either carry it with you or properly put it out in an ashtray. Make sure you completely snuff out a cigarette and that there is no chance of it reigniting. Never throw away fresh ashes, wait for them to cool completely. If someone else in your household smokes, make sure they always pay attention as well. If you notice they’ve fallen asleep with a lit cigarette or cigar in hand, immediately put it out.

If Disaster Strikes

A fire is a scary experience that nobody wants to deal with. A residential fire can destroy your furniture, belongings, or even the entire home. Even worse, you’re left with a hefty damage bill and emotional strain in the aftermath of the fire. Fire and smoke damage is unsightly and toxic to your health, making it crucial that you contact an expert fire damage restoration company right away.

Property Solutions offers fire damage restoration and smoke damage restoration in Fort Washington, MD, and surrounding areas. We know how traumatizing a fire can be, which is why our experts work to restore fire and smoke damage as quickly as possible for a fair price. If your home has been hit by a fire, contact us today for a fire damage inspection.


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