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Does My Home Have Lead Paint?

Does My Home Have Lead Paint?

Many homes used to be built with lead-based paint. Lead is toxic and lead paint has been the cause of a variety of health issues, leading to the federal government banning lead-based paint in 1978.

It’s important that you find out if your home has lead-based paint and have it remedied as soon as possible. Below are a few signs that your home may have lead paint and that you should contact Property Solutions for expert lead abatement services as soon as possible.

Your Home’s Age

How old is your home? You may have wondered about your house’s age out of curiosity or for insurance purposes, but your home’s age has another significance: the chances of it containing lead paint. If your home was built after the 1978 ban, it most likely does not have lead paint. However, even if it was built after this year (especially if it was built soon after 1978), your builder may still have had some lead-based paint on hand and used it anyway. If your home was built before 1978, there is a much higher chance of your home having lead paint. Although how old your house is cannot completely rule out whether or not you have lead paint, your home’s age is a good indicator of whether or not you should have it checked. You should be able to ask your home insurance provider or property owner about your home’s age.

Your Paint’s Appearance

Lead-based paint begins to look scaly and flaky as it ages. It may begin to chip off your wall in small chunks, which not only looks bad but can be harmful if inhaled. Former homeowners may have covered up old, deteriorating paint in visible areas like the living room and kitchen with a fresh coat, so check in more hidden areas like around windowsills or in corners. If your paint appears scaly or even breaks off in little pieces when you touch it, you likely have lead paint and will need to have it removed.

Testing Solution

Many hardware or home improvement stores carry lead paint testing kits. To test your paint for lead, rub the solution provided in the kit on the wall. If it turns pink, the paint contains lead. Keep in mind, however, that if lead paint was painted over, the solution will be unable to detect the lead paint underneath. Although the test is not perfect, it is an easy and affordable way to test your home’s walls. Also, remember to keep your home’s age and your paint’s appearance in mind if the solution does not turn pink.

Property Solutions: Northern Virginia Lead Abatement

Property Solutions is proud to offer lead abatement solutions in Northern Virginia. We understand the dangers of breathing in lead paint and can remove lead-based paint from your walls. We also offer a variety of other lead abatement services such as dust removal and chemical stripping.

If you suspect your home has lead paint, time is of the essence. Reach out to a lead abatement specialist as soon as possible to avoid health issues. Call Property Solutions at (571) 526-0075 today!


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