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Preparing for Winter: 4 DON'Ts for Home Snow Removal in Northern Virginia

Preparing for Winter: 4 DON'Ts for Home Snow Removal in Northern Virginia

snow plowingNovember is finally here, and homeowners in Northern Virginia are gearing up for Thanksgiving, winter holidays, and winter weather. Although snow is beautiful to look at and fun to play in, it can be a big nuisance. Removing snow from around your home’s exterior and your vehicles seems simple enough, but many homeowners make common snow removal mistakes that can result in injury to themselves or damage to their property. Here is our list of snow removal don’ts and how to avoid them this year:

1. Using Hot Water on Your Car

Yes, hot water can be effective for quickly getting rid of pesky snow and ice on your walkway or driveway, but you should never dump a bucket of hot water on your car. Of course, it can be annoying and time-consuming to clean off an iced-over windshield in the morning as you’re rushing to work, but pouring boiling water on your windshield or side windows can crack or even shatter the glass. If that happens, you will have a much bigger issue on your hands. The best way to effectively clean off your car is to set an early alarm on snowy days, run the engine for a few minutes, and stick with the classic windshield scraper.

2. Waiting Too Long to Shovel Snow

It is easiest to remove snow when it has freshly fallen and is still powdery. If the forecast calls for heavy snowfall throughout the day, you may plan to wait until a few hours after it has stopped snowing to shovel. However, if you can get outside to shovel before all the snow has fallen, or immediately after it has stopped snowing, you should. If you wait too long after all the snow has accumulated, you will have much more to remove and it will take more effort than if you do a few shovelings during the day. Even worse, between the snow starting to freeze and people walking over it, hours-old snow will be more compact and difficult to pick up with a shovel.

3. Being Careless with a Snow Blower

Snow blowers are handy little machines that can make snow removal much easier than a classic shovel. Although this device will do much of the work for you, you should still exercise caution when using it to avoid injury. Long, flowy scarves are great for keeping you warm and looking stylish at the same time, but maybe opt for a shorter scarf or skip it altogether when using a snow blower. A long scarf or other baggy clothing can get caught in the blades of the machine and cause injury. Also, make sure to watch your fingers and keep your hands away from the blades when the snow blower is running.

4. Not Contacting a Snow Removal Company In Northern Virginia

There are plenty of easy and safe ways to remove snow on your own, but if you feel overwhelmed by the task or the amount of snow, contact Property Solutions! We offer residential and commercial snow removal services in Northern Virginia and the entire DC metro region. Our comprehensive snow removal services include plowing, hauling, ice removal, snow blowing, salting, and more. Our snow removal experts will quickly and safely remove snow from your walkways and driveways so you can sit back and enjoy the winter season.

Think ahead for winter this year. Call us today at (571) 526-0075 to learn more about our snow removal in Northern Virginia!


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