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4 Signs of Summer Water Damage

4 Signs of Summer Water Damage

flooded kitchenAs the summer season soon approaches and begins to mark its territory, one must be aware of the rainy days that lay ahead. Unexpected summer rainstorms, floods, or just rain in general for that matter, can be factors that cause water damage to occur within the home. The flow of extra water unintentionally seeping through the home can drastically affect certain areas of the property and need to be immediately addressed before conditions worsen.

At Property Solutions, our professionals are experts in water damage restoration in Northern VA. We believe it is crucial to share at least four common signs of identifying water damage to help protect your home and ready to enjoy the warmer seasons.

Here are the four signs of summer water damage:

  1. Odors: Water begins to easily accumulate across specific areas within the property if not treated right away. The buildup of water leads to the formation of mold and other bacteria that create a moist and musty smell. This is both unpleasant for the property and causes an unhealthy home environment. Bacterial growth is a health hazard that contaminates the air you breathe.
  1. Mold buildup: Along with unwanted odor, comes the actual physical appearance of mold and residue. This causes to take over surrounding furniture, cornered areas, and windows. Mold and residue must be treated as soon as possible and accurately removed by a Northern VA water damage restoration specialist. That way, you won’t have to face any worries of it ever coming back.
  1. Stains or discoloration: Another sign that shows you may be facing water damage, is if you see random stains sporadically scattered in certain areas of the home. The stains tend to be identified with the rim being a darker orange color, fading into a washed up pastel yellow towards the inner layer. The stain may look harmless, but it surely does degrade the physical appearance of the affected area as it can cause sensitive damage to the wall, ceiling or doors.
  1. Increase in water bill: If you notice a drastic increase in a change to your water bill, this could be clear signs of potential water damage. Further indicating a possible pipe breakage that is causing a leak to occur somewhere within the home. This is another reason why it’s highly recommended to hire a professional for water damage restoration in Northern VA. To detect and correctly assess the problem with the appropriate procedures to resolve the issue.

Property Solutions Water Damage Restoration Services

Our Northern VA water damage restoration specialist tackle every obstacle with a grain of salt and are capable of restoring affected areas within any home or commercial facility. Experts at Property Solutions have extensive training and years of experience in flood repairs, mold water damage, and water extraction, just to name a few.

Property Solutions handles every individual case according to the level of severity by inspecting the areas all around the home and then following up with accurate steps for termination.

It is highly recommended to have a professional inspect and determine the type of water damage found. Northern VA water damage restoration specialist at Property Solutions is certified in over a variety of home maintenance fields. From removing the stench of moisture and mold to reinforcing flooring and ceiling damage, we ensure that we can restore your property.

Get Ready for Summer and Call Property Solutions today!

Now that you are aware of the four most important and easy to identify signs about water damage, trust the experts at Property Solutions to handle the rest. Certified in all home maintenance projects and professionals on home restoration products, we take every single case with the utmost respect and quality care.

Enjoy the summertime without having to worry about excess water! Contact us online for more information.


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