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3 Tips to Deal with Summer Mold

3 Tips to Deal with Summer Mold

During the summertime, one may think it’s not as important to continue being consistent with the care and quality of one’s home. However, this is the season one should pay close attention to. As unpredictable or expected summer rainstorms frequently occur during the humid-warm months of July and August, one should be twice as prepared for any outcome.

The warm weather levels are more humid within the Northern Virginia region compared to other areas. Taking this into great consideration is helpful when knowing what months tend to be more humid than others. It is significantly crucial in monitoring specific rooms where mold is commonly found.

The team at Property Solutions is highly attentive and aware of the greater health and home risk factors that are associated with mold outbreaks. That is why ourmold removal specialist in McLean, VA, collected three important tips to share with users to help to identify mold.

Common areas for mold growth

  • As a homeowner, it is highly beneficial to be more cautious and aware of common areas where mold can be found. These general areas usually include rooms where water easily seeps through and where humidity levels tend to rise.
    • Bathrooms: fungi can be easily detected in areas near the shower head, the sink, and any windows or other openings where water cannot easily escape or appropriately evaporate. It is completely normal to find several mold infested areas in the bathroom and its highly recommended to be removed by a mold removal specialist in McLean, VA.
    • Windows: Yes…as a matter of fact, any window within the home can contain mold. Windows act as one of the main lines of defense for the home, but when problems arise, it can build up fungi.
    • Basements: these areas are actually highly common to find any mold or mildew. Heavy rainstorms can cause a leak of water to pass through the basement walls and as the temperature in the basement can be extremely hot or cold, it increases the potential risk factor of developing fungi in several areas.

Mold Allergy and Health Hazards

  • The downfall of ignoring mold within the home is a regretful choice. Once the mold is identified in any area, it’s important to try to prevent the outgrowth. Hiring a mold removal specialist in McLean, will drastically help reduce allergens from rising.
  • If one is not attentive to catering in removing the mold from the infested areas, these mold and mildew funguses begin to reproduce and spread throughout other parts of the home. Leading to it intoxicating the air you and your family breathe every day.
  • Mold and milder further causes discomfort in the lungs, triggering asthma. As it travels through the nasal airways, it begins to irritate these passages and leads to creating fever-like symptoms.

Hiring a Professional

  • Mold fungi is a difficult task to take on without having any past experience. It requires tedious instructions to thoroughly inspect and terminate the mold and preventing another outbreak from occurring. Hiring a mold removal specialist in McLean, VA, can help reduce future outbreaks.
  • The restoration process requires an estimate, which leads to the actual inspection, then further handling the clean filtration system and any furniture that may be affected.

We hope that these helpful tips assist you in addressing any mold found during these hot summer months. As mold removal specialist in McLean, we encourage you to be more attentive to your property and remind you to assure the quality and care of your home.

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