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How to Fight Mold in Winter

How to Fight Mold in Winter

mold on wallsMold reproduces little by little, often unnoticed until it has consumed your home. Without taking enough precautions or care, mold can eventually contaminate an entire room, from furniture to the little corners of windows, to even the air you breathe. This is considered a health environment hazard and may cause several negative health effects. Itchy throats, coughing, wheezing, and watery eyes tend to be the symptoms due to mold polluted airs. Dry air causes discomfort in any home, especially during the winter months. It begins to accumulate as humidity levels begin to drop and the buildup in dry heated air steadily increases within homes and other buildings. This leads to unexpected mold that creates an unhealthy environment and health-related complications.

The Northern VA mold removal specialists at Property Solutions are experts when it comes to finding the mold problem within any home or facility. They devote the time to inspecting and searching for any mold infested areas. Property Solutions mold specialists resolve the issue both quickly and efficiently.

During the winter seasons, mold may not seem like a problem because the air outside is dry, but due to high levels of inside humidity from heating ventilation, the problem still continues. You can keep mold at bay if you follow certain tips from a Northern VA mold removal specialist.

Tips for Combatting Mold:

  • Make sure to clean up after spills and avoid any leakage incidents coming from your windows, roof, floors, and pipes.
  • Take care of wet clothes immediately as they quickly grow mold and odor
  • Control humidity levels with dehumidifiers
  • If a flood occurs, clean immediately to avoid any dampness and odor
  • Ventilate places where the use of extreme heat and humidity can build up; such as the kitchen, laundry, and shower areas.
  • Avoid storing temperature-sensitive items in basement/attics
  • Mold can grow around: dust, paint, wallpaper, drywall, carpet (maintain care)

What Does Mold Look Like?

Mold most generally appears to be black or green and can look spongy or fuzzy. Without the essential methods of properly preventing the mold, it can be inescapable and a reoccurring problem. As mold removal specialist in Northern VA, we have the appropriate supplies and tactics to remove mold build-up.

Contact Property Solutions for Expert Mold Removal in Northern VA

Dead fungus and allergens are heavily related to mold infested areas, making it crucial that you trust a professional mold removal company in Northern VA to get rid of it. Property Solutions offers mold inspection, testing, and removal. Our trained and certified Northern VA mold removal specialists strive to restore properties to a stabilized environment.

At Property Solutions, our mold removal specialists are dedicated to inspecting and searching for any home or facility for mold infested areas. We have the tools and expertise necessary for resolving any mold problem from reoccurring at any other times during the year. Trust us to get your home back normal.

Call us anytime at (571) 526-0075 for mold removal in Northern VA.


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