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Why is Lead Dangerous?

Why is Lead Dangerous?

lead paintLead-based paint is a deadly inhabitant in your home or facility. The poisonous chemicals found in lead are contaminants that eventually, without taking the appropriate precautions, can damage you and your family’s health. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared this toxic poison as a public health concern.

Over millions of homes in America have been and continue to be exposed to the toxins lead produces. The dangerous effects are long-term and include mental and physical damages to the body, especially affecting children.

At Property Solutions, a lead removal specialist in Northern VA, we are happy to assist with the removal of lead-based paint from your home or facility and provide other lead abatement services. Here is our guide to understanding the dangers of lead:

Lead in Children

Lead poisoning affects children’s brain development and is both long-term and irreversible.

Children are the most vulnerable to lead-based paint as it damages severe areas in both their learning behaviors and IQ. This neurotoxin is a growth development threat as it develops learning disabilities for a child by decreasing their motor and cognitive skills.

Property Solutions, a lead removal specialist in Northern VA, can prevent the problem from growing by resolving and stabilizing the removal of lead for better, healthier living.

Lead-based paint looks chipped and rusty, but it can also be a bit difficult to identify if hidden under newer layers of paint. Lead-based paint is also odorless, and many homeowners are completely unaware their home has lead-based paint. Lead fragments from the paint can contaminate your air and drinking water without you knowing, making it a hidden danger. That is why a lead removal specialist in Northern VA should professionally examine your home and follow-up with standard procedures.

Lead in Adults

Lead toxicity negatively impacts adults’ cognitive, social, and physical well-being, often without them without realizing lead is the source of all problems.

A common sign seen in both children and adults due to lead is the development of anemia. It also affects adults by slowly damaging internal organs in the body. A common symptom of this is serious mood changes. Lead is also stored in the teeth and bones for a lifetime.

Having a lead removal specialist get rid of all traces of lead from your home is the best way to ensure your health and well-being. Prevention is our number one priority. As Northern VA lead removal specialists, we are aware of the important health hazards and do everything in our power to remove the problem before it can escalate further.

The Northern VA lead removal specialists at Property Solutions are EPA-approved and certified in finding the root of the problem and combatting environmental health hazards. With our expertise, we will ensure that all lead is removed from your home and you and your family will stay healthy.

Our Lead Abatement Services

Property Solutions lead removal specialists are professionals in six different services guaranteed to stabilize your home’s condition. Our expertise in the field include the following:

  1. Removal: The qualified Northern VA lead paint specialist is experienced in the process of dust and lead paint removal that consumes homes and facilities.
  2. Stripping and Cleanup: At Property Solutions in Northern VA, chemical stripping and dust cleanup is a procedure that initially follows after the lead paint has been removed. During this process, we will ensure all fragments of lead paint are completely gone to ensure your air is clean.
  3. Encapsulation and Remediation: These procedures include the restoration of lead-free paint that is both environmentally-friendly and safe for you to breathe.

The Northern VA lead removal specialists at Property Solutions are professionals in this line of work and are experienced with lead removal projects for larger complexes. We provide detailed consumed work with the most eager care within this field of specialization.

Looking for a Lead Removal Specialist in Northern VA? Trust Property Solutions!

At Property Solutions, a lead removal specialist is pleased to answer any questions and direct a lead abatement contractor to provide a full-service lead paint removal for your home. Our Lead removal specialists in Northern VA have background knowledge and certification in EPA Lead Firm. We always use the utmost care in your home and make sure we are fulfilling your needs at every step of the way.

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