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Tips for Dealing With Snow from Your Snow Removal Experts

Tips for Dealing With Snow from Your Snow Removal Experts

While still waiting for Punxsutawney Phil The Groundhog to come out of his hole and let us know how long winter will stay, dealing with winter precipitation like snow and ice can be a pain. Offering snow removal in Northern Virginia, we at Property Solutions help keep streets, driveways, and parking lots cleared during winter storms. Here are a few ways you can be prepared for snow removal in Northern VA, an area where you never know what the weather will bring:

Snow Removal Tips for the Car

Keep your wiper blades up the night before an expected snowfall. Not only does this prevent your wipers from freezing to your windshield, but it also makes it much easier to clear the snow and ice off in the morning. Make sure that you always have an ice scraper with a car brush in your car and a backup in your home.

If you have the time, covering your car with a tarp before winter weather arrives is a surefire way to ensure your car is clean and ready to go in the morning. Simply remove the tarp before you leave and avoid the hassle of scraping your windshield.

Snow Removal Tips for Your Home’s Exterior

Snow and ice piled up around your walkways and driveway can be a nuisance, and may even lead to injury. To get rid of ice on your walkways, use salt, sand, or kitty litter. For your driveway, try to avoid rock salt, which can actually damage your driveway if used too often. Try kitty litter instead.

If you know snow is coming, lay down a tarp over your walkways before the weather begins. The tarp will collect the snow, keeping your walkways clear. Simply lift the tarp and empty it into the yard after the snow has fallen. If you are expecting a large amount of snow, do this a few times through the day to prevent making the tarp too heavy to lift.

Shoveling Tips

Shoveling snow is a task many homeowners dread; shoveling is hard work and can even cause injury if not done properly. To avoid injury while shoveling, invest in an ergonomic shovel that will make shoveling easier on your back. If you are expecting a lot of snow, it is a good idea to shovel throughout the day before all the snow falls or before people walk on it. Shoveling packed, frozen snow is much more difficult than freshly frozen snow.

Contact Your Northern VA Snow Removal Company

One of the best ways you can prepare for snowfall is to have your Northern VA snow removal company chosen ahead of time. If your home or business could use a professional snow removal company, call Property Solutions today! Family-owned-and-operated, you can depend on us with over 20 years of experience and top of the line commercial snow removal equipment. We offer friendly and professional service that gets the job done properly and safely.

Need snow removal in Northern VA? Contact Property Solutions today!


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