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Health Risks after Fire Damage

Health Risks after Fire Damage

house roof on fireHaving your house on fire is a scary situation. Not only because you can lose your home and belongings, but also because fires may cause long term effects regarding health issues if immediate actions are not taken. Make sure you know the number of a fire damage restoration specialist to protect your home!

With fire damage restoration in Northern Virginia like Property Solutions, some of those risks can be avoided. You may not think there are health risks after the fire has been put out, but these are some of the short and long-term risks you should be thinking about when dealing with fire damage.

  1. Stay away from high levels of smoke. Smoke like this contains many toxic chemicals, so breathing in high levels can cause long-term effects on the lungs and respiratory system. This can be much more than a light cough, so you should avoid breathing in any lingering smoke as much as possible.
  1. Also avoiding inhaling smoke for a short period of time. Being exposed to smoke for a shorter length of time can cause effects like eye, nose, and throat irritation. It can also make breathing more difficult. Get out of range of all smoke and be sure all it is cleared before dealing with the damage.
  1. Soot resulting from the fire can be very dangerous. Some soot is visible while other soot is not, so being careful when entering the fire-damaged building is the way to go. Soot contained also contains chemicals and can be in the air or on things you touch such as floors and windows, which can enter your bloodstream and cause similar health risks as smoke.
  1. Lingering odors in your home can affect health. Without proper and immediate fire damage restoration, odors from a fire may remain in your home and be not only unpleasant to breathe in but can also be harmful. Make sure you and your family’s health is protected against any adverse effects.
  1. Watch out for mold. If you needed large amounts of water to put out your fire, make sure the area is dry and routinely check for any future water damage such as mold. Mold can cause some slight irritation, but it can also contribute to serious health issues if not remedied. Property Solutions also offers mold restoration services!

Property Solutions Property Damage Repair and Restoration Services in Northern Virginia

This fire damage restoration in Northern Virginia can help you avoid these long-term health risks by offering you our fire damage restoration services. We make sure to thoroughly inspect your home for damage and asses what actions need to be taken. Our fire and smoke damage services remove all fire damage, including soot and smoke odor that may harm you or loved ones. We also offer mold removal services to ensure that you don’t have to deal with the long-term health risks mold will have.

No one wants to deal with health issues resulting from a fire that could be prevented. By calling Property Solutions at (571) 526-0075, you can continue living a healthy life.


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