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How to Deal with Lead in your Home or Business

How to Deal with Lead in your Home or Business

lead paintMany people do not understand the severity and consequences of breathing in lead paint. It’s important to acknowledge the negative health impacts it has towards human beings, especially seen in children and the elderly. That is why the experts at Property Solutions want to share with you a few vital notes when it comes to comprehending the extreme hazards associated with this toxic substance.

Lead is a toxic chemical that must be inspected and removed by a professional within the Northern VA lead abatement industry. As lead is found in several common areas within homes and office buildings, it can be extremely difficult to eliminate on your own. This toxin should be immediately identified as it also leaves lead marks and traces.

What Safety Precautions Can We Take?

For starters, one thing noted is the understatement of how dangerous it is to not acknowledge the severe consequences of inhaling such hazardous chemicals. A highly recommended suggestion is to not try detecting or remove the lead yourself.

Another few common helpful tips for safety precautions are the following:

  • If the home or building facility was built any time before the year 1978, there is a guarantee that it contains lead-based paint.
  • If chipping or paint peeling begins to occur, this is another clear indication of lead being in the home.
  • Get your home professionally inspected by a contractor that is lead-safe EPA certified.
  • Frequently clean the home, paying close attention to the more sensitive areas such as the floors and windows.
  • Make sure you wash your children’s toys, bottles, and hands. It is also recommended to get a blood test done for lead detection.
  • Once arriving home from work, remove and wash clothing that may potentially have been exposed to lead. This toxin leaves traces in carpets, wooden flooring, and furniture. It is also helpful to remove shoes before entering the home as the soil is another source of originating lead from outside the home.

Our Lead Removal and Abatement Services

Lead is alarmingly harmful to the home or work environment and that is why it is one of our missions as a damage restoration company, to improve the atmosphere you surround yourself with on a daily. Our lead abatement in Northern VA consists of having our specialist proceed in removing dust, lead paint, and paint remediation.

Property Solutions offer a variety of lead paint and dust removal projects. From the pure extraction of the walls with a HEPA vacuum to the appropriate disposal of flakes, dust, and lead marks further restoring the wall better than ever before. Our specialist informs you every step of the way regarding updates and the overall progression of restoration. Removal specialist for lead abatement in Northern VA, evaluate every building according to the level of toxic severity. We take the subtlest precaution when inspecting potentially infected areas within any residential or commercial building.

We reassure that you are in great hands as all of our contractors undergo mandatory EPA lead certification training. Therefore, having the authority and ability to advise you through safety precautions when it comes to lead abatement in Northern VA.

Call Property Solutions Today for a Lead inspection!

It’s crucial in being aware of the growing toxins that are invading your home or business by hiring a lead removal specialist who is an expert in lead abatement in Northern VA. Ignoring this issue will only prolong health hazards for you and your loved ones. Trust the professionals at Property Solutions who have years of experience and are EPA certified.

Property Solutions is devoted to providing the most outstanding quality of service for lead abatement in Northern VA. Call for more information.


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