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Frequently Asked Questions

Prince George's County Property Restoration Services

From hurricanes to tornadoes, mold contamination to fire damage, Property Solutions has seen it all. We do our best to answer your questions so you understand what steps to take next when restoring your property.

The following is a selection of questions we’re asked most often about property restoration in Prince George's County.

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  • Will My Insurance Cover This?

    Depending on whether you have dwelling or personal property coverage, your insurance may cover either the items you own, the structure of your home, or both. While insurance will generally cover unexpected disasters, you may not win a claim that was caused by homeowner negligence.

    In our 20 years of experience, we’ve built relationships with dozens of top insurance companies. We handle the claims process for you so can concentrate on rebuilding your life after an incident.

  • Why Should I Choose Property Solutions?

    We are proud of the services we offer. Property Solutions has several advantages over competitors:

    • We are licensed, bonded, and insured for work in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.
    • We are EPA and IICRC-certified for lead removal
    • We offer 24-hour emergency services
    • We handle insurance claims for you
    • A board up truck is available
    • We are experienced in fire damage, water remediation, and mold damage, as well as lead abatement and snow removal
    • We are a local, family-owned company
    • We provide excellent customer service with follow-ups and updates
  • Can I Start the Cleanup Process Myself?

    While there are steps you can take to keep damage from worsening, there are many dangers associated with disaster cleanup, such as exposure to harmful bacteria, chemical residue, the risk of electric shock, mold exposure, and spreading contamination, to name a few.

    Some initial steps you can take:

    • Get yourself and your family to safety
    • Keep undamaged items out of harm’s way
    • If you can stop the source of water damage by accessing a shutoff valve, do so
  • What Do I Do If I Notice Mold in My Home?

    While you may be able to clean small patches of mold yourself with a bleach solution, it can be hard to tell if you simply have some surface mold, or a deep-rooted problem.

    Moreover, some strains of mold are more dangerous than others. It’s always a good idea to have a professional inspect your problem to accurately assess the damage and to prevent potential health problems for your family.

  • What If I Cleaned After a Fire, But I Still Smell Smoke?

    Fire cleanup is an in-depth process. Even if you don’t see residual soot, it will be everywhere—on walls, cabinets, doors, in couch cushions, carpets, and curtains. The residue can also contain dangerous chemicals that damage your home and pose major health concerns. That’s why we recommend getting professional help for smoke damage and cleanup after a fire.

  • My Basement is Under Water. What Should I Do?

    If any electrical appliance is under water, DO NOT enter the basement. You could receive an electric shock. Otherwise, if the water is not very high—lower than your ankle—and does not contain sewage, you may be able to remove small items of furniture in the flooded area to protect them.

    Your first concern, however, should be stopping the source of the flooding. You may be able to access your water shutoff valve, but still call a professional immediately.

    Property Solutions can pump water out of your basement, extract remaining water from carpets, and begin the cleanup process safely and quickly.

  • How Can I Be Prepared for a Disaster?
    • Keep a copy of your homeowner’s insurance handy. Consult with your insurance company to make sure you have adequate coverage.
    • Create a list of your valuable possessions for insurance purposes.
    • Maintain your home—clean your gutters, have your septic system inspected, and replace old, faulty wiring or pipes. This will lessen the likelihood of an emergency caused by something in your home breaking down.
    • Have smoke detectors in every room in the home and keep a fire extinguisher.
    • Make evacuation plans for family members in case of fire.

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    “My father in law asked for my help when renovating his home (kitchen and finished basement) and I suggested property solutions from past experience. Good news is my father in law has done nothing but praise me for recommending such a reliable, qualified company. I highly recommend this company to anyone considering home renovations or repairs.”

    Dean Z.

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    “They saved me after we had flood in our basement!”

    Helen B.

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    “I appreciate the foreman and workman who checking in on us. They were very pleasant. I have already recommended them to friends.”

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