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Over time, low-level exposure to lead can cause abdominal pain and neurological symptoms and may even result in death. It’s a danger especially to children living in homes built before 1987 and adults who work in an environment with lead exposure, such as welders.

The EPA has extensive training for companies that perform lead abatement. We’re proud to say Property Solutions is Lead-Safe Certified by both the EPA and the Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. We are qualified to perform comprehensive and safe lead inspection and removal services for your properties.

Comprehensive Lead Inspection & Removal Services

Our Maryland lead abatement experts can identify lead trouble areas in your home or business. We take precautions during removal to make sure all the harmful material is safely removed.

We provide a wide range of lead abatement services that include:

  • Using encapsulants to seal surfaces
  • Use of caustic chemicals to dissolve paint
  • Removal of flaking paint through scraping or brushing
  • Abrasive blasting for building interiors, tanks, or exterior structures
  • Lead dust cleanup via HEPA vacuum
  • Removal of contaminated soil

Your building or structure may need a combination of methods to abate any danger from lead contamination. Have our team perform a thorough inspection for a better idea on the type of restoration services you need.

Lead Abatement Methods

There are four major methods for lead abatement:

  1. Replacement. Replacement involves physically removing anything with lead paint from a building. This process is most often used for objects like doors, windows, paneling and woodwork.
  2. Enclosure. Enclosure entails covering all painted surfaces with a barrier. The barrier should be dust-tight so that lead particles cannot escape. Materials for enclosure include plywood, paneling, tile, drywall, acrylic, fiber board, and underlayment.
  3. Encapsulation. Encapsulation involves coating painted surfaces with a thick seal. The encapsulation process will only work on surfaces that have no damage or deterioration. An encapsulant should be very durable and able to withstand damage from impact.
  4. Paint Removal. Paint removal entails physically removing lead-based paint from all surfaces. There are a variety of different processes that can be used including: wet scraping, wet planing, using HEPA tools (sanders, grinders, saws, drills), and chemical stripping.

Lead Safety in the Home

About 24% of homes built between 1960 and 1977 contain lead paint. That number goes up the older the structure is—69% of homes built between 1940 and 1959 and 87% of homes built before 1940 contain lead paint.

If you live in an old home (or work in an old office building), keep an eye out for chipped, flaking, or water-damaged paint. Lead paint can release dust that is harmful to breathe. Even if your paint is in good shape, you may want to consider testing for lead pipes or contaminated soil. Either can result in lead contamination that might affect you, your workers, or your family.

Have an expert evaluate the lead risks in your home. Call Property Solutions at 571.526.0075 to schedule an inspection.

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